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What We Offer

Top notch mining solution is provided with perfect mining contracts to suit your needs.

Our Featurs

We have many reasons to think that no other bitcoin mining system or home built mining rig can top our offer.

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The entrance threshold of mining industry for investors has been lowered. Start mining from $30

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The mining starts immediately after the mining package is bought. Profit will be in your account in the next day.

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Enter an amount to withdraw and receive it to your bitcoin wallet instantly

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Professional team will take charge of mining management. Your investment profit is secured.

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All our mining plans are created to suite your need and pocket. You get a very good value and returns on your investment

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LIf for any reason your are not completely satisfied with our services, within 7 days, you may request a refund of the unused portions of the service

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Capital Mining International Limited is registered in the United Kingdom.The company registration number is #11695947.

Our company initiated this mining project to enable everyone to make profits as blockchain tech becomes mainstream. We are dedicated to provide all clients with high level profitability and techinical security in the cryptocurrency mining industry!

In the "Make Deposit" section of your account, fund your account by entering an amount you want to deposit. After that, the system would suggest you a bitcoin address where you need to send bitcoins.

Once the deposit is set up, select your mining plan in the "Mining Plans" section of your account, enter the amount, click on Submit button, the system will start mining for you.

Our company offers 3 levels of referral commissions - 5% commission for every deposit that your direct referral makes from wallet, 2nd level commission is 2%, 3rd level is 1%. If you have sucessfully join our representative plan, your referral commission is 10%-2%-1%.

Live Payouts

Username Amount Time E-Currency
zazu1 Ƀ0.00113456 18-Jul-2019 BTC
Xeija1 Ƀ0.00126349 18-Jul-2019 BTC
mosoli Ƀ0.00123771 18-Jul-2019 BTC
john_s Ƀ0.00115725 18-Jul-2019 BTC
Eddy5871 Ƀ0.00113972 18-Jul-2019 BTC
kodireng58 Ƀ0.00105205 18-Jul-2019 BTC
Noxolo Ƀ0.00126246 18-Jul-2019 BTC
Arcoven Ƀ0.00109331 18-Jul-2019 BTC
Dewanand@1 Ƀ0.00206284 18-Jul-2019 BTC
vinu123 Ƀ0.00154713 18-Jul-2019 BTC
Subu123 Ƀ0.00105205 17-Jul-2019 BTC
kodireng58 Ƀ0.00105205 17-Jul-2019 BTC
sophia32 Ƀ0.00123771 17-Jul-2019 BTC
mosoli Ƀ0.00112425 17-Jul-2019 BTC
securehyips Ƀ0.00106236 17-Jul-2019 BTC